Real Estate Services

Real Estate Management

The ABC CARUSO 2 company takes care of all the management of the real estate assets, following the market trend to seize and advise investment opportunities both of the acquired assets and of the assets in which to invest, up to the assessments on the maintenance in possession or on the sale . Furthermore, all the documentary, administrative and accounting management relating to the assets is carried out.

Real Estate Rent Management

The ABC Caruso 2 company manages the real estate leases linked to the assets. Monitors deadlines and fulfills fiscal and tax obligations, informs the owner of any changes in the regulatory framework, as well as setting up a management system that makes the property an effective source of income.

Automotive and Marine Asset Management

The ABC Caruso 2 company manages the entire machinery and nautical equipment, providing for all the necessary steps for the acquisition and maintenance of the same. It also provides all the market valuations to advise on which movable assets to invest or not, in addition to monitoring the trend of prices and revaluations of movable assets.

Car and Boat Lease Management

The ABC Caruso 2 company is responsible for the management of car and nautical leases, monitoring the deadlines and fiscal obligations, and informing about the changes to the reference regulatory framework and about any need for administrative adjustment. The opportunity of renting the movable assets present in the property assets is assessed at 360 degrees, taking into account costs and benefits, evaluating the actual economic return.