ABC Caruso manufactures and sells accessories and small items of high quality.

The company comes into being in 1967 from a Salvatore Caruso business intuition, and quickly made its name on the national market of accessories for bags, shoes and clothing. In 1994, Luigi, animated by the same business passion of his father Salvatore, promotes the ABC Caruso to the international market.

The company covers a total area of 3000 square meters. 500 square meters are dedicated to the exhibition and sale, 900 square meters are dedicated to the style, administration and laboratories, and the remaining 1600 sq are all dedicated to logistics .

The company takes pride in nearly fifty years of history and experience, It made its name in Italy and abroad, and currently is a partner of international companies such as Swarovski, Preciosa, and Coats, the best brands in the world working in clothing, footwear and leather goods. Our main customers are companies of fashion, often belonging to the luxury market.

The best national and international brands rely on ABC Caruso designing and production of its metal parts.
ABC Caruso customers can choose from thousands of items in brass and zinc alloy completely customizable, but, optionally, they can also request a brand new product, according to their taste or particular needs.

The great experience of ABC Caruso, combined with a high technical expertise, is able to suit all specific customer requirements, turning them into unique accessories and components.

Experience, design and high quality: these are the ingredients that make ABC Caruso work unique.